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ShowGuys Video 553: Stash & Nicholi Part 2
Studio: ShowGuys Video
This is the second scene that big-dicked Stash has done with Nicholi. At the start of the scene, they are both naked and Nicholi is sucking on Stash. He manages to get all of Stash's monster down his throat. Nicholi gets on his hands and knees...
Stars: Stash
ShowGuys 568: Alex & Nicholi with Ian Jay
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Alex, Nicholi and Ian Jay are three cute young guys looking for a little fun. They start off with a little conversation, but before you know it, all of the real action begins—as they service each other in a cum-bursting threesome involving lots...
Stars: Alex , Ian Jay
Show Guys 567: Jason & Jordan Bass
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Jason is visiting the beautiful sunshine state of Florida; he takes a break from visiting the sunny beaches to have a little kinky fuck session with Jordan. From the start, Jason has a hard on as he talks to Jordan. This cock hungry bottom has no...
Stars: Jason
ShowGuys 566: Luis Duro and Adrian R.
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Luis and Adrian are two horny hotties who can’t keep their hands off of each other. They begin with some sexy foreplay—kissing, sucking on each other’s massive cocks, a little rimming and anal play—and then they’re ready to take it to...
Stars: Adrian R.
ShowGuys 565: Ian Jay & Toro Flip-Flop
Studio: ShowGuys Video
The two guys showing off their stuff for ShowGuys today are Ian Jay, clad chaps with his dick and ass hanging out and Toro, a smooth bodied stud clad in nothing but his briefs. The two model and pose for a bit before they get to the meat of the...
Stars: Ian Jay
ShowGuys Volume 31 - Brett Dimineo & A. Gabriel
Studio: ShowGuys Video
There was instant chemistry between Brett DiMineo and A Gabriel when they met, so Sam immediately scheduled a scene between the two. They lock lips at the top of the scene and don't come up for air. Their hands are all over each other, opening...
Stars: Brett Dimineo
ShowGuys 564: Chad Leigh & Nicholi
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Nicholi and Chad are two gorgeous and horny guys who want to get to the meat of the matter as quick as possible! Nicholi proves what an A-list cock sucker he is when he inhales Chad’s uncut, monster cock. After posing and showing off those tight...
Stars: Chad Leigh
ShowGuys Volume 563: Jonathan Blue & Jason
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Jonathan Blue is back and he brings new cummer, Jason. Jonathan takes out Jason’s big dick bulging from his shorts, and proceeds to swallow it. Then Jason sits on the bed, gets Jonathan naked and proves he’s a good cock sucker. They stand up...
Stars: Jason , Jonathan Blue
ShowGuys #562: Cameron Fenris & Tyson
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Cameron Fenris is sitting in bed naked; he’s hairy chested and sitting next to him a good looking Tyson who has a big dick. They kiss immediately and Tyson has a hard-on, Cameron wasted no time taking every inch down his throat. Cameron pulls...
Stars: Tyson
ShowGuys Volume 561: Asoka & Chico Bareback! Part 2
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Asoka and Chico are naked, feeling each other up and kissing with lots of tongue. These two tattooed uncut hunks with big dicks love anal sex. Chico goes on his knees and inhales Asoka s monster cock. They stand up and show off their foreskins,...
Stars: Chico , Asoka
ShowGuys Volume 560: Carlo & Adrian R Part 2
Studio: ShowGuys Video
There’s hot & hairy Carlo and hot & smooth Adrian R. and they are kissing wearing their briefs. Carlo uses his tongue in Adrian’s nipple ring. Both guys strip and Adrian starts sucking on Carlo. Adrian gets on his hands and knees and Carlo...
Stars: Adrian R.
ShowGuys Video 559: Spike & Austin FLIP - FLOP Part 2
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Austin Edwards & Spike are back together again. The two start with heavy making out and deep kissing. Both guys are shirtless, and Spike pays special attention to Austin’s nipple. Spike gets Austin s pants down, pulls out his hard dick, and...
ShowGuys Video 558 : David & Jesse James
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Jesse gets on his hands and knees, and David continues spanking him, while continuing to shove the dildo up his ass. David takes an even larger dildo, Jesse sits on it and slowly goes all the way down. But now David puts a condom on himself, Jesse...
Stars: David
ShowGuys Video Volume 557: Hunter James & Bruce
Studio: ShowGuys Video
Hunter James is naked and Bruce, wearing only his trousers, is sucking him. But Hunter soon gets Bruce naked, and deep throats the hard, hooked cock. Bruce now shows of his deep throating abilities, and takes all of Hunter s monster down his...
Stars: Bruce , Hunter James
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ShowGuys Video 553: Stash & Nicholi Part 2
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